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How to Guarantee the Sale of a Home and Get 10 Times More Listings!

Tuesday Millionaire Agent Training

Co-Founder of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Home of the #1 System in Real Estate, Agrees to Give Away Billion Dollar Agent Trade Secrets just to prove their 'secret selling system' works.

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Dear Real Estate Professional,

If you want to create a torrential downpour of ready-to-act prospects that flood your business…

And literally, DEMAND that you come and sell their present home and help them buy another…

Then this will be the most important ZOOM you'll ever attend.

Here’s why:

My name is Todd Walters and when I got into real estate, I was bankrupt and homeless. Three years prior I had dropped out of college, convinced my grandmother to loan me $40K to buy a Pizza Business, three years later – I had accumulated massive debt and the business was toast. I was dead broke. Owed gobs of money and had to flash sale my home.

So, I did what a lot of people do when things don’t work out in life, I got my real estate license.

Literally starting from ZERO, no money.

Thank God my father-in-law allowed my new wife and I to shack up in his basement with the crickets and spiders.

I was eagerly seeking anyone, begging if they were interested in either buying or selling property, virtually pleading with people for a chance to converse with them.

Every day, I'd get up before dawn and initiate cold calls.

Mostly to people that would simply hang up on me.

Then, one day, I came up with a “crazy idea”.

That allowed me to re-invent this job of real estate agent.

So instead of cold, manual grunt prospecting all day for listings…

I could produce an irresistible offer and get it in front of seller prospects that would get them chasing me…

Literally producing listings on demand.

Everyone at the RE/MAX office thought I was a fool, and that there was no way this could possibly work…

All the individuals at the RE/MAX office deemed me naive, believing my plan was utterly unfeasible...

An old acquaintance even branded me an "idealist".

Yet, their opinions didn't matter to me... honestly, I did not give a crap.

Given that I had everything to gain and nothing to risk.

So, following numerous sleepless nights, early awakenings, and a multitude of attempts and failures...

I finally discovered a ‘reverse prospecting system’.

And everything changed for me.

Instead of cold manual grunt prospecting or buying leads from lead gen companies that don’t want to talk… to getting new clients like crazy.

I had more clients than I could possibly handle!

And I used this “quantum leap system” to quickly catapult me into the #1 real estate agent in my office, then my board, then on to #8 in the WORLD!

I was written in about in books like the Billion Dollar Agent, Real Estate Rainmakers Guide to Online Marketing and pumped out a best-selling book with my mentor Craig Proctor titled ‘Death of the Traditional Real Estate Agent. Rise of the Super Profitable Sales Team’.

Yes! We essentially wrote the book on Super Profitable Sales Teams!

Register Now and Receive FREE, The Millionaire Agent Business Assessment ($97 Value)

We’ve also deployed this Quantum Leap System in thousands of other agents’ businesses and Real Estate Brokerages and created more millionaire agents than any other SYSTEM or Coach or Whatever…

And listen, a part of this system’s success is that it works without your constant involvement.

Agents and Brokers USE this system to go from rags or to Millionaire and Multi-Millionaire Businesses… that work without them having to do the STUFF they really don’t want to do.

After all, if your business depends on you, then you do not have a business; you have a JOB.

We’ve used this Quantum Leap System to…

  • ​Take average real estate agents earning little to between $100K to $300K annually as TEAM MEMBERS (Outside Sales Only). 
  • Transform Real Estate Brokerages into Super Profitable 8-Figure Income Enterprises where their Agents LOVE to come to work every day.
  • ​Launch countless real estate agents into MEGA MILLIONAIRE AGENT TEAMS, where they sell 100 to 1000+ homes a year.
  • ​Take a small husband and wife real estate business from $600K in income to $10 million+ in annual income in just 36 MONTHS!
  • Skyrocketing the sales and income of thousands of real estate agents where they are now giving away more money to worthy causes than they used to make in a year!
  • ​Building Real Estate Companies that are actual sellable business assets worth multiples of millions of dollars.

And so on….Look, I could easily fill up an entire book with thousands of success stories like this…

Because we’ve used this ‘quantum leap system’ in hundreds of different real estate market places!

Agents on a Team, to Agents Growing a Super Team, all the way up to Multi-Billion Dollar Brokerages have used this system...

To create a torrential downpour of ready-to-act buyers and sellers that flood their business… then leverage all that business to get even more business… with predictable turn-key systems allowing everyone to live a life of less stress, worry and concern to freedom, confidence and abundance.

And this is just one of the reasons we’ve been questioned by industry people about the “legality” of this ‘selling system’...

But I’ll get to that in just a moment.

Let me first show you some more proof that SHOULD help motivate you to STOP what you are doing on Tuesday and BE ON THIS ZOOM!!!

  • ​​According to the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), there are more than 3 million people holding active real estate licenses just in the United States. There are 106,548 real estate brokerage firms operating just in the United States.​ There are MORE people with a real estate license than there are homes for sale! So Differentiation and Owning Your Own Marketing Pipeline is critical.
  • ​​It’s Getting More and More Costly to Generate Listings (Competition Issue).
  • ​​It's Getting Harder to Find Buyers a Home to Buy (Active MLS Inventory Issue).
  • ​When Prospects See Your Marketing, they Go to Google vs Calling You (Customer Behavior Has Changed).
  • ​​I-Buyers are Gaining More and More Market Share (Competition Issue).
  • ​​You want a team, but You Don’t Know HOW to Recruit, Hire, Train and Manage one for freedom and profit (association problem) obviously because you haven’t done it before!
  • ​​You prefer to be on a Team, but connecting with one that actually writes a lot of business… is difficult (association problem).
  • ​​Zillow, Redfin, (and others) use your listings to build their Billion Dollar Companies (Model Problem).
  • ​​Real Estate Commissions Continue to Decline as a percentage of sale for You (Brand Positioning and Value Proposition Problem).
  • ​​MLS’s/Boards Force You to Operate Like Everyone Else (Model Problem).
  • ​​You Don’t have and haven’t seen a Proven Written Plan and System for Predictably Getting Business and Using that Business to Get More Business, scaling up to an actual real business that you OWN vs work in all the freaking time!
  • ​​You are on a Perpetual Income Roller Coaster, Wearing all the Hats, Trying to Be All Things to All People (Model Problem).
  • ​​Making Enough Money Per Sale to Support Your Lifestyle and Scale-up Your Business (Model Problem).
  • ​​Little to No Repeat Business (Model problem).
  • ​​Growing and Being Profitable Regardless of The Market Conditions (Model Problem).
  • ​​A survey published by Zipwhip shows 87% of respondents ignore calls from unknown numbers. PEW RESEARCH CENTER Reveals Only 19% of Americans generally pick up cell phone calls from unknown numbers, and According to Entrepreneur, 75% of millennials avoid phone calls altogether. Bottom line… leads and prospects do not answer the phone.
  • ​​Inman reported in June that according to a survey conducted by Clever, a real estate consumer resources and data firm, people are willing to take on average $45,400 less for their homes to avoid the current home sale model, especially if they get to choose a closing date, and that 65 percent of homeowners would consider selling their homes to an iBuyer. Good news if you are an I Buyer… but if you are a real estate agent or broker… you are toast!

There are other issues and problems that we point out on the ZOOM and show you the solutions to. You just got to show up to SEE them.

Let me leave you with this…

  • ​Everything Not So Good About Your Business is a Direct Result of You Doing What the Majority of Agents/Brokers Do.
  • ​Everything Awesome About Your Business is a Direct Result of Doing What the Majority is Not Doing and/or Unwilling to Do.

Register Now and Receive FREE, The Millionaire Agent Business Assessment ($97 Value)

So If you want to sell more homes and make more money without giving up your personal life to do it… something needs to change!

This ZOOM Tuesday is a GOOD PLACE TO START. But don’t take my word for it here… find out for yourself.


  • ​Are you a real estate agent… do you want to wake up every morning to an inbox exploding with itchy-to buy and sell?
  • ​Are you a Team Leader - who would like to see your TEAM bursting with new clients?
  • ​Are you a broker owner – who wants an overflow of the most highly-qualified buyers and sellers waiting in line to do business with your agents?
  • ​Do you have a real estate business you'd like to see swamped with customers?
  • ​Are you a Team Leader who would like to sell so many homes a year you have to run extra shifts with your team 24/7 just to meet the demand?
  • ​Are you a salesperson who needs more closings?
  • ​Are you a Broker Owner who is always in the know with innovative strategies, so you can better serve your agents and consumers?
  • ​Do you have listings you'd like to sell?
  • ​Do you have any buyers you'd like to get into the perfect home?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions…

You should START WITH THIS ZOOM MEETING on Tuesday and SEE How we have turned the tables on all these problems real estate agents and brokers are having right now.

I bet you wish your phone would just ring, or you would get text messages or direct messages from area homeowners asking you to come and sell their home… right?

If you could JUST get that every day… life would be amazing… correct?

Hopefully, you do know that IS happening for some. That is a thing. And it can be YOUR thing.

But No Way In Hell will that ever be a thing for you at a high level doing things like everyone else.

This is our thing… it's how we do business… and it happens likely NOT how you think.

Our solution to all those problems is To Get Sellers Calling Us Creating Our Own Inventory and lifetime customers.

We Do This TWO Ways that you will see revealed on the ZOOM. And the good news is these are things that ANYONE in real estate can do.

In fact… Here are our SIX KEY SYSTEMS inside our Quantum Leap System for FULL Transparency.

EVERYTHING we do exists inside these six boxes to SOLVE just about every problem in real estate that has happened or come around (many again and again) for 30 years.

This ZOOM on Tuesday will reveal much of it and help you SEE the real estate business a different way.

Plan and System.

On this ZOOM you will see how to try out our “quantum leap system” for your own real estate business. Nothing will be for sale on this ZOOM. It is absolutely 100% free.

I learned a long time ago that if a Billion Dollar Agent offers to help you, show you solutions and a different way to do things… it’s a wise thing to listen.

We will detail every single element of this potent step-by-step ‘Quantum Leap System’ on this ZOOM.

But look, I fully appreciate that you are likely skeptical.

'Cause the web's just crawling with fake "gurus".

Who're basically selling you a whole lot of hot air.

These guys? They're the dodgy rug dealers of the internet.

So, I'm not expecting you to just swallow what I'm saying hook, line, and sinker...

But what if instead...